The MIDI DRILL has been designed to guarantee better productivity in the drilling of small diameter holes, with maximum running economy. It’s moderate size allows easy transportation and use on the jobsite. This rig is ideal for small contractors who can haul the MIDI DRILL on a trailer with their large pick-up truck.
 Another great feature is that the kelly bar doesn’t have to be removed for transport so it reduces set-up time on the jobsite.
The MIDI DRILL is mounted on a KOMATSU PC 80 excavator base which offers enormous advantages for spare parts and technical assistance. The cabin is spacious, comfortable, and ensures a better working environment for the operator. The MIDI DRILL comes with an electronic depth counter. Upon request it can be equipped with an air conditioning and heating system.

Working characteristics

Works with Augers and Buckets
Max diameter 400 - 900 mm 15 - 36 in
Depths 18 - 22 m 59  - 72 ft

Technical data

Nominal Torque 35 KNm 25,800 lbsft
Nominal Pull-Back/Pull-Down 40 - 30 KN 9,000 - 6,750 lbs
Unloading speed 84 rpm
Stroke 950 mm 3.11 ft
Main Winch Nominal Pullback 36 KN 8,100 lbs
Secondary Winch Nominal Pullback 14 KN 3,147 lbs
Model 4D98E-3ZSFB
Power 45,6 KW @ 2.200 rpm 61 HP @ 2.200 rpm
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic Oil Tank 65 liters 17 gal
Fuel tank 110 liters 29 gal
Length 2.875 mm 9.4 ft
Width 2.250 mm 7.4 ft
Shoes 450 mm 1.5 ft
Approx Weight 13,1 ton 28,880 lbs