The Ecoline 35 drilling rig has been designed for working in jobsites with limited space and low height restrictions. 
The EC 35 is mounted on a Komatsu PC80 zero-swing excavator base. 
The innovative drilling system is mounted on the excavator through an articulated arm engineered and manufactured by MAIT that allows for side tilting, the adjustment of the working angle, and the ability to drill up to 1500 mm (5 ft) diameter with certain drilling tools. This new drilling rig design is a one of a kind system, and maximizes it’s compact dimensions for use on the jobsite and for working on slopes.

Working characteristics

Works with augers and buckets
Diametro Max 900 mm 36 inch
Profondità 16 m 52.5 ft

Technical data

Nominal Torque 30 KNm 22,110 lbsft
Nominal Pull-Back/Pull-Down 27 - 25 KN 6,075 - 5,625 lbs
Unloading Speed 10 - 45 rpm
Stroke 1.100 mm 3.61 ft
Main Winch Nominal Pullback 38 KN 8,550 lbs
Secondary Winch Nominal Pullback 14 KN 3,147 lbs
Model 4D98E-3ZSFB
Power 45,6 KW @ 2.300 rpm 61 HP @ 2,300 rpm
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Oil Tank 65 lit 15.8 gal
Fuel tank 110 lit 29 gal
Length 2.860 mm 9.4 ft
Width 2.250 mm 7.4 ft
Shoes 450 mm 1.5 ft
Approx Weight 14 ton 30,856 lbs