The BABY DRILL  is the perfect limited access rig on the market. This rig can get in areas where large machines only dream of entering, such as inside elevator shafts, inside buildings, and under low roof and low headroom conditions.  
With it’s very compact size, it can enter through a 3.3 ft wide door.  The BABY DRILL is completely remote controlled by the operator allowing him to maneuver the machine from a distance.  The powerpack can easily be dismounted from the machine and left outside of the building in order to protect the operators from being intoxicated by the engine’s emissions. 
Another special feature of the BABY DRILL is that the mast is telescopic which allows the BABY DRILL to reduce or increase it’s height according to the headroom and kelly  bar requirements.  
Upon request, the BABY DRILL can be equipped with steel or rubber tracked crawlers.

Working characteristics

Works with Augers & Buckets
Max Diameter 400 - 600 mm 15 - 24 in
Depths 12 - 15 - 18** m 39 - 49 - 60** ft
** = with mast extension + friction kelly bar

Technical data

Nominal torque 17,5 KNm 12,900 lbsft
Nominal Pull-Back/Pull-Down 23 - 40 KN 5,175 - 9,000 lbs
Unloading Speed 80 rpm
Main Winch Nominal Pullback 25 KN 5,625 lbs
Secondary Winch Nominal Pullback 10 KN 2,250 lbs
Brand YANMAR (on request with 30 KW electric motor)
Power 35 KW @ 3.000 rpm 47 HP @ 3,000 rpm
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic Oil Tank 70 lit 18.5 gal
Fuel Tank 48 lit 12.7 gal
Length 1.980 mm 6.5 ft
Width 1.000 - 1.500 mm 3.3 - 4.9 ft
Shoes 300 mm 1 ft
Approx Weight 5,4 ton 11,900 lbs